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How to cope with difficult love problems

How to cope with difficult love problems. Most of us would say that our lives are made up of a mixture of several very important things. Usually that would be family relationships,How to cope with difficult love problems Articles relationships with friends, our partner or lover, money/finances, business/career/job, entertainment and relaxing… holidays etc, home and health. As a life coach and agony aunt I have noticed that 99% of issues presented to me and my expert staff for advice and support are related to emotions and relationships. Either the person has become very distressed because someone close to them has died or left them, or they are very lonely or they are in distress because of arguments or their sex life is not as they wish it was. If you get to know them and delve deeper it can turn out they also have very big problems such as being unemployed or living in a tatty spare room at their parents instead of their own place, yet they do not get upset about these things, they just accept them.

If you stop and think this is not very sensible. When we are unemployed or homeless we should be very concerned about it, just just getting by day by day and hoping that things will miraculously change or relying on the generosity of others. Problems such as being short of money or being homeless are totally down to us, we can sort them, where as something like having a huge argument with a lover need two people and can only get sorted if the other person is as keen on it as you. A situation like being homeless or penniless is more in your control and more urgent. And you are more likely to get the respect and co-operation of a lover if you show them you can solve problems, make decisions, stand on your own two feet and are not so needy that you cannot cope or have a normal life without their help! They will also want to see that you want them for them, not because you want to lean on them and get their help or have them provide for you. People who are good at sorting out their lives and problems are more likely to be attractive to others. They want a partner who they can lean on as much as their partner leans on them. Is there anything about your life that you can change or improve? It gives you a far better quality of life and it means that others think more of you and it improves existing relationships and helps you to get new ones. Romance and dating issues are often down to personal opinion and different personalities where what is right for one is wrong for another.

Want more advice? You can consult me privately at this website. ask agony aunts columnist advice online. You can also chat to lots of others there who are on the forum who want support and give free advice and support in return. But of course these are not experienced professionals. You can also get a web clairvoyant psychic reading.

The mistake most make when they get a situation they find hard is to feel sorry for themselves instead of working out ways to put things right. The next mistake many make it to just accept things instead of trying to find ways to improve it. If you cannot be bothered to make things better why should anyone else want to do it for you? It might mean studying to get qualifications or saving money so that you can put down a deposit on an apartment, or being disciplined enough to lose weight and exercise so that your health improves. With relationships it can be as simple as deciding whether it can work or not and walking away if it cannot. Most let their hearts rule their head and dream of the other person changing and that is where they go wrong.

Are you at a happy place right now? Can you cope with life? Do you feel as if you are just treading water – like a hamster on a wheel? Or are you fulfilled and at peace with things? How to cope with difficult love problems.