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What Coins Should I Collect?

Or, decide upon a particular Period in History, e.g.:  Morgan Dollars (Lady Liberty, Following Civil War), Peace Dollars (Following WWI), War Time Cents (Steel and Shell Casing – WWII), War Time Nickels (Silver – WWII),  Silver quarters and dimes – pre 1965;  Statehood Quarters;  20th Century;  19th Century.

Or decide upon an Historical Figure;  Kennedy Half Dollars (Following his death),  Lincoln Cents;  Washington Quarters;  Franklin Half Dollars;  Eisenhower Dollars, Susan B Anthony Dollars, Roosevelt Dimes;  Sacagawea Dollars.   You can also choose Type Sets, Year Sets, Mint Sets, Proof Sets and Decades.

The Next Step is to decide upon the Quality of coin you want to collect.  Your choices are:  a)  pocket change;  b)  bank rolls;  c)  US mint and proof rolls and sets (new and used);  d)  Buy from Coin Shows and Clubs;  e)  Buy on the Internet;  f)  Buy from coin dealer;  g)  Buy from coin magazine or ad.   Each has their benefits and advantages.  Pocket Change and Bank Rolls provide Circulated coins.  The US Mint provides Uncirculated “Mint State” and “Proof” coins.


The Internet provides the Greatest Selection from private Web Sites, e.g.:  www.ThePerfect-Coin.Com  to the big Auctions like eBay, Yahoo, Heritage and TeleTrade.  And With the advent of (free) it becomes very quick and easy to pay for purchases over the Internet and by Phone.

The one thing that is important in all of the above choices is the Grade of the Coin, which is closely related to Value (a topic for another article).   But which leads to the next choice:  Buy Slabbed or Raw?   Raw coins are what you find in pocket change.  Slabbed coins are those that are Professionally Certified and Graded by an Independent Third Party.  The coin is then placed in a “slab”, made of plastic, identified, labeled and sealed.  It actually takes 3 Professionals to decide upon the Grade of a Coin.  If Buying Raw Coins, You need to Know How to Grade a Coin.  Even then, there will be Disputes about the Grade.  When Buying a Slabbed coin, You Know the Grade.  The Grade Becomes Virtually Undisputable!   All references to Price in any resource are Based on Grading, which follows the Guidelines set by the ANA – American Numismatic Association.   Currently, there are only Four Companies that are Recognized for Strictly following these Guidelines:  PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS.  It is from these Professionals that one should buy slabbed coins.



 Buying Slabbed Coins is the First Rule of Serious Coin Collecting.

Obviously, one will be very limited in the years, mints, and varieties available from pocket change and bank rolls – both being local in nature.   Even if starting with these means of collecting, always keep an open mind about other resources.  So, a little future insight helps to decide that better resources will yield better coin collections.  Most collections will span a greater range of years, than either pocket change or bank rolls can possibly produce.  It is therefore imperative to investigate other resources.

Your Budget will usually determine the Grade of coin that you can afford to collect.  MS63-MS65 is an Ideal range for collecting, not only because of the excellent condition and detail of the coins, greater availability, lower costs, and because coins in this range tend to Appreciate faster than other Grades.   There item is very simple, and it has to do with the quality of the coin – or how much you want to Spend per Coin – for an average coin, for an exceptional coin, or a perfect coin.  Your budget will usually determine this factor, or, how much per month you can spend (per month?) for your new Investment.   Never doubt that Coin Collecting is an Investment.   Although it is easy to overlook the amount of time spent on this Endeavor because two of the main ingredients are Pleasure and Enjoyment.  Confucius Say:

“If you enjoy what you are doing, you will never work another day in your life.”


Think of it as a Fund.  You are trading Money for . . . Money that Grows and Gives Pleasure!  Properly attended, this Fund can quite possibly put someone through college.