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Preparing Your New Sewing Machine to Sew

A few weeks ago I wrote a column on how to choose your sewing machine. If you have made your choice, we will continue on with getting your machine ready to sew.

Threading the machine is something that is pretty basic, yet a little different on every machine. It is VERY important to refer to your manual when first learning the procedure. If the threading isn’t correct, nothing else will work either.

Here is a basic rundown of threading a sewing machine. Remember, each machine is different. This is just the general idea.
1. Put your spool of thread on the spindle on top of the machine.

1a. A vertical spindle or post – position the spool so that the thread runs clockwise as you sew.

1b. A horizontal spindle – the spool is held in place by an end cap. If your spool has a small cut in it, be sure to have the cut to the right.

NEWBIE TIP: If your spool is brand new and there are labels covering the holes, uncover yhour holes completely to allow the spool to turn easily.

2. Pull thread to the left of the spindle and thru your first thread guide.

3. Draw thread down thru your tension guide. (It is extremely important to have your presser foot UP when threading your machine.)

4. Draw thread thru the next thread guide.

5. Insert thread thru the take up lever.

6. Bring thread thru next thread guide.

7. Finally! – thread your needle. Most needles are threaded from front to back, some from left to right