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Explore iTours enhanced features for excellent Travel Business Management

iTours is the all in one Tour Operator software which with its unique features always satisfies the challanging demands of travel industry. As we know the demands are endless as technology is growing fast and thus it poses new challenges on the Travel Industry everyday. So iTours team always works on adding or enhancing features in the system so it can easily meet current demands. We are glad to announce the new development of very essential features in “iTours”- The all in one Travel Agency Software for excellent travel business management. As we have worked as an IT consultant for many years for travel industry, we got a clear picture of the features that needs to be enhanced or added in any tour operator software to make it a complete solution for travel companies.

Following are the features that we have recently added Tech nieuws

and updated in the system.

1. Taxation & Business Rule Automation
Tour Operators can set their taxation rules one time for different types of services with sales purchase. The tax will auto calculate according to the business rule. So it will help to reduce the chances of errors while selecting wrong tax type & percentage. Here client can set their taxation, services charges, mark-up rules, etc.