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e-Commerce with Integrated Blog (e-Blogging) – Part II

Additionally, the benefit of having a WordPress blog integrated with your e-Commerce system, is that it helps to increase your search engine rankings. With higher search engines rankings, your Internet business will be found much quicker and also help with becoming an authoritative site.

How To Integrate An e-Commerce System With A WordPress Blog?

Luckily for us, most e-Commerce systems have a special add-on package which has been developed by experienced programmers. At this point, I would recommend you hire a web developer to install or modify an e-Commerce system because it will can save time for you to focus on other important business tasks. Though I will explain to you how it generally works with some systems I have test:

Magento: This is a relatively new e-Commerce system that is taking the e-Commerce Open Source market by storm. It’s very user friendly and is very powerful, just like how WordPress has been very successful for many Internet businesses. Magento has an add-on extension called Lazzymonks WordPress Integration 2.61, which allows WordPress to be integrated with their system. You can easily access WordPress from Magento’s administration as well and would save you the hassle of logging out of Magento and logging into WordPress.

OsCommerce: This system has been around since March 2000, which shows a long history of e-Commerce development for them. OsCommerce also has an add-on which is quite easy to install – the WordPress Integration. Unfortunately this add-on does require you to log onto WordPress separately. Once you have installed WordPress with OsCommerce you will be able to still post your articles as normal and all the posts will be integrated into the OsCommerce theme you choose.

ZenCart: This is the system I have been using for many years for many of my clients and own e-Commerce shops. It is easy to set up the WordPress On Zencart add-on with a few installation files to upload. Though, I found it wasn’t matching the style of the shopfront at first with this basic add-on. I did hired a programmer to modify some files which generated a good result in the end.

With many Internet businesses seeing the growth of web users searching on blogs and search engines today, it would be unfortunate to see you lose sales because you did not have a blog integrated with your e-Commerce shop. There are great benefits with having both these systems integrated into your Internet business and someday e-Commerce with integrated blogs will be the ne