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Steps to start an e-commerce business in Dubai

Here are the basic steps to get started your e-commerce business in the UAE.


1. Choose Jurisdiction

Before starting your e-commerce license application, It is important to know about the jurisdictions in the UAE. Mainly there are two options – free zone or mainland. When you decide to set up in the mainland, you are free to trade directly with the local UAE market without a local agent, and you are permitted to take on often lucrative government contracts.

When you opt for the UAE free zone, you can enjoy the benefits of UAE’s zero per cent tax rate, you can also take advantage of full customs tax exemption, no currency restrictions and the ability to repatriate 100% of your capital and profit. However, you will require the help of a local agent or distributor if you wish to trade directly within the local UAE market.

2. Get an e-commerce license


After deciding your e-commerce business activity and the jurisdiction, next is to apply for anity. There are related authorities for each free zone to issue the license. This step will require documentations and it might be confusing for the business owners. It is advisable to get professional support from business setup consultants in Dubai.

3. Launch your website

A successful eCommerce business starts and ends with the website. A website will be the first impression of your online business where you can showcase your products or services. It might take a while to design, develop and test a new website but it is worth spending time on developing a user friendly, dynamic, secure and attractive website to capture the user’s attention as it will be an income-generating source for your business.